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  • For the first week, I wanted to test if this idea of mine was something I could build. I started of the first day building a landing page on ProductHunt and telling a few friends what I'm going to be working on for the rest of November. Next up was picking my technology stack and I decided to focus on Javascript SDK and APIs to allow for one-on-one chat. I chose nodeJS for my backend with no idea of a storage system to store data for applications, users and groups. I was thinking of storing some information in neo4j and some in either CouchDB or MongoDB. I decided to leave the worry for later and focus on making an easy to use API. I chose to use PouchDB with in-memory adapter while I still thought of which database(s) to settle for, so everything the app stored was in-memory.

    Packaging the JavaScript client as a library consumable via the browser is done using Webpack. I spent time trying to get babeljs plugin and uglify to work with webpack with no success. I skipped it and went forward to using babel-minify plugin for webpack to minify the file. After that came the phase of learning to deply to AWS . I decided to use AWS as they're supporting the hackathon. For me, the documentation wasn't easy to follow and after 2 days of trying to learn and deploy my nodejs backend, I gave up on using it and deployed the backend on Heroku. For the JS client SDK, I kept it a GitHub repo and wasn't ready to put it on npm. I also made a sample app with it to show how it works.
  • Where it all began.

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Iframely provides a simple API to embed the webs best content on your site. They have given Publicly a free account, so we can embed your content.