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  • We've recently won a grant from Initiatives of Change to implement a few of our solutions, but keep finding ourselves in this odd position of pivoting and growing at the same time.
  • We are Gracie's; an intricate system of pop-up farmer’s markets, virtual kitchens and alley gardens serving to bring money into the community by working with urban farmers, micro farmers and minority farmers to bring fresh produce to chefs, food business owners & private citizens
  • Users will also be able to find the funding needed to hire freelancer and full-time employees as well while also offering spaces to build publicly and to track progress for current and potential investors. Did we mention profit sharing and ability for anyone to contribute?
  • So far, we've won a grant from Initiatives of Change to change the narratives of how communities are viewed and operate. To be clear, this concept spawned from our original Gracie's concept which focuses on food and food access while this focuses on ALL aspects of community.
  • We want to create a scalable way to turn neighborhoods and their increasingly complex issues into startups to combat gentrification, systemic racism and premeditated exclusionary practices. We've got a lot of assumptions to (in)validate and little time to iterate. Should be fun?
  • March was a record-breaking month for Is It Keto in terms of revenue and traffic, but revenues are still not high enough, so I'm closing up shop.
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  • With flat growth and struggling revenues, it may be time to shutter Is It Keto.
  • Submission to BetaList done.
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  • Privacy policy and terms of service added!
  • I just finished an MVP of my website Time Pie. The user logs their daily activities in Google Calendar and it turns the data into a pie chart to show the user how time they spend doing those different activities.

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Iframely provides a simple API to embed the webs best content on your site. They have given Publicly a free account, so we can embed your content.