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Publicly is a simple way to track all the great things being built in public by all the brave makers willing to share their progress.

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  • Talk at #Orange about DAOs... first public mention of Tribute :)
  • Now remoteindex is tweeting, I have added a serverless function that get from remoteindex API the latest jobs, and tweet... to keep it simple it relays on the tweet itself to know what was already published, to avoid duplicate content.
  • Launched StartupBase v2. A complete redesign from scratch.
  • Hello world!
    Some basic online presence... landing page, twitter, FB, github...
  • Hodler List just launched in a beta. I've been working on this site for the past few weeks so I'm very happy to let the world see it!
  • Just decided to use publicly to tell the makerboard story on the way. Every day I'll post what I committed to the repository and the plans for the future of the project.
  • Wow... this thing is actually getting real :)
  • The site is in early stages of development.

    Currently populated with dummy data. The following features are currently working:

    * Login and register
    * Post a website to get feedback
    * Upvote a website if logged in
    * Leave a comment (roast)
    * Category filters
    * Profiles

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Iframely provides a simple API to embed the webs best content on your site. They have given Publicly a free account, so we can embed your content.