About American Fun

Live a story worth telling - out of the box adventures in Europe, 18-35.

The people here in the American Fun don't just create products - they create adventure they would like to experience.

We are making heroes. We stimulate significance in others, both internally and externally. We share how our organization works with trust, candor, and straightforwardness.

We plan our trips with the intention to make a positive impact on community and people who travel. By challenging cultural norms and barriers, we are bringing Europe and the North America closer.

Since Columbus and discovery of America, Europe is the mother. America is a nation of explorers, representing a distillation of the human spirit of exploration.

We inspire people to take the action, to celebrate youth and seeking perfection of an adventure.

We create memories. Friends. Families. Pictures. Emotions. Tears and a smile. Joy and excitement. Something more than a hundred lives. The heart shakes. To get trampled and to blush your soul. That’s what we are. Welcome to American Fun.

Live a story worth telling.

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American Fun Updates

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