About EDocGen

Generate business documents from JSON,XML,Excel data

EDocGen is API first document generation software. It merges different data formats to create business documents.

Excel: Say goodbye to tedious limited functionality mail merge. Merge vertical & horizontal orientation of excel data, population of multiple word tables, dynamic images into word templates
XML: XML is the universal standard for data interchange and often times you find need to merge XML data into word document template. EDocGen is the easiest way to merge your XML data into word template for making it readable and for making it brand compliant.
JSON: Document databases such as MongoDB use JSON documents for storing records. EDocGen is perfect solution to auto fill JSON data into document templates.
Web-Forms: Auto-generates fillable form for entering dynamic field’s data of the template. Filling documents through this approach, improves productivity by 70-80%. Fill it once, and the system populates all multiple occurrences of a field in the document

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