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  • I already talked to two people with very high Quora-Output who said that they answer every second or third question they look at. If everyone is like that than my validation is unsuccessful.
    Posted by EmilBruckner
  • Creating a good user journey gets more difficult, the more platforms are in the play, so I’ll need to spend some more time thinking about that.
    Every user will at some point arrive at findbetterquestions.com. They’ll be given the opportunity to sign up. Next up is an empty …
    Posted by EmilBruckner
  • This Saturday started with a long list of things I wanted to do. I started the day with planning out the dashboard and the logic behind the web-app. Since I still hadn’t done that, I would do the technical validation next.
    Posted by EmilBruckner
  • Got domain
    Got onto Product Hunt
    Posted by EmilBruckner

  • So you hop from question to related question to related question and look at the title, the question’s stats and so on to get an overview about which question(s) to answer best.
    That’s the thing I want to automate here.
    Posted by EmilBruckner
  • I’ve decided to do my next (yet another) thing.
    About a week ago I had an idea for a project. I still think that the idea has some potential, so I’ll do some validation now.
    Posted by EmilBruckner