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My name is Nick, Founder of SkillSyncer and I've been working hard the past few months to release my first ever web app. I was recently in the job hunt and always wondered why it would take almost 20 applications before I would get a single bite. I didn’t understand what was wrong with my resume until I met a career coach who told me about Applicant Tracking Systems and how recruiters can rank applicants based on keyword selection. I then searched the web for anything I could use to scan job descriptions for those keywords and could only find word-clouds. I then had the idea to develop SkillSyncer, an app that scans your resume against a potential job description and show you any gaps. You can easily see if you have all the skills the job description requires within seconds. I designed extra features that also determine if the job requires or prefers a degree and if you have it. Not only does it compare your resume but there are also grammar checks and word choice analysis to help improve the power of your resume. Remember the purpose of this tool is to not add skills you don’t have to your resume but to tailor your resume to each job by including the skills you have but worded in the way it’s written in the job description.

Check out all the features @ https://skillsyncer.com I know feedback is key so please do let me know what you all think. My goal is to make the ultimate tool for job seekers and I am constantly revising and updating the application. If you notice anything off, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Thanks.

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