Matt Baer
Matt Baer

Interested in the world and digital privacy. Founder @writeas__. Building @snap_as, @readwriteas, @htmlhouse.


  • We're announcing updates in the fediverse, too.
  • We're now on Mastodon!
  • Now you can delete photos, and we'll let you know if deleting a photo will mess up any of your Write.as posts.
  • Also keeping track of little tasks and to-do items on WIP.chat.
  • Analytics server went down under heavy load. Took about an hour to troubleshoot, change DNS and upgrade the instance to a bigger server. Then updated Ubuntu and PHP. All good now.
  • Made this list of best online HTML editors!
  • A bit more churn this month, a year after our Product Hunt launch. I figure now is a good time to fix those few spots where some paid features stay available after unsubscribing.
  • We've published our product roadmap