Tom Moor
Tom Moor

Building @goabstract 🎨, previously co-founder of @sqwiggle, @buffer. Englishman in San Francisco. DM's open for q's – happy to help!


  • Finished up unfurling this evening, now you get neat previews when posting Outline links into Slack
  • Added link unfurling for Outline links shared in Slack
  • Last after planning out the data structure we started work on adding commenting to Outline. This will work similar to Google Docs where you can select a portion of text and leave a comment attached and is likely to take until the new year to complete…
  • Working on converting the development version of Outline to use Docker and FakeS3 this evening to make contributing and running locally super easy.
  • Huge dependency update is still ongoing, just a couple of issues left and back to regularly scheduled feature development πŸ˜…
  • Other things that are ongoing:

    - Big upgrade to Slate 30 that affects almost the entirety of the editor πŸ–‹
    - Added print styles and a print option for docs πŸ–¨
    - Improving the search results relevance and pagination ⚑️
  • We had our first third-party contribution this week which was definitely a milestone considering we've barely mentioned the project in public apart from here πŸ™Œ
  • Fixing up some JS issues with the new collection homepage. No new feature work today πŸ˜₯
  • Hey πŸ‘‹. Two updates merged today - added individual pages for collections (they're a simple list of recently edited docs right now with more to come) and moved settings pages out of a modal and into their own routes.