About Catchphrase

Catchphrase is an android app that has more than 80,000 downloads on the play store and i am the developer

So i launched the app last year on play store and became really popular in the United States. So i have been working on new features that are going to be added in the app. I would really appreciate if you can use the app and give some suggestions on what i can do to improve the app.

Here are the features that i plan to implement in the near future and its time to make it public ;)
1. Change Time functionality - Learn about fast forwarding sound
2. Change Audio functionality - Choose Audio - Learn the frequency from already existing sound and apply it on other sounds
3. Add Categories
4. Add 4 members in team mode
5. Button to stop timer and assign point (debatable)
6. Screen always on
7. Link phones of all members
8. Add more words
9. Add words feature
12. Button to receive or not receive notifications
13. Share button to share the app
15. Change Theme of the app
16. Add other languages

the missing numbers are the task i have already completed.

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Catchphrase Update

  • Here is the update on the Categories feature

    I have huge database of words and i have already sorted the words into different categories like :- movies, tvseries, animals, carttons, celebs etc and i have added the array of words in my code. All that is left is the UI
    Posted by ag300695

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