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Hey There! I'm Alan and I recently closed down my first start-up after it failed to get off the ground.

While trying to launch and market this I became frustrated with the amount of time I was spending monitoring Google Analytics to see how many users I was getting, where they were going and how many were signing up. I could spend 1-2 hours a day trying to find and extract the info I needed, time which I could have better spent on marketing and growing my start-up.

To solve this I built a visitors analytics function into the admin which gave me all the data I needed in an instant which let me get back to what I should have been doing!

While reflecting on the failure of my first start-up I realised that this function had the potential to solve a similar problem for anyone else who is running a website or blog, so I decided to build and launch it as a separate product!

Not wanting to make the same mistakes as last time I'm only going to build it when I've proven there is a market for it, my landing page is now up and running with some mock ups of how the final product will look. Once I reach a minimum number of signups I'll build the first version of the product and will be sharing my progress as I go!

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  • Landing page launched
    Posted by AlanMMurray

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