About Journmail

Teach yourself consistency by keeping a journal and writing one sentence per day in it.

Journmail is a small email reminder service that notifies you to post one sentence every day by replying to its email. You train your consistency this way and improve your writing. Challenge yourself and test your consistency by subscribing now!

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Journmail Updates

  • Posted by shimewastaken
  • Added a sample email to the landing page. 🚀
    Posted by shimewastaken
  • Didn't set the encoding to UTF8 which broke the most critical feature on the system - registering as a new user. It's fixed now so that's good. Error monitoring is always a good idea, even when you're still in alpha.
    Posted by shimewastaken
  • 🎊
    Posted by shimewastaken
  • Landing page is almost done, needs some shadow improvements and more vertical rhythm.
    Posted by shimewastaken
  • Decided to go with this for a logo.
    Posted by shimewastaken