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Publicly is a simple way to track all the great things being built in public by all the brave makers willing to share their progress.

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  • Creating a good user journey gets more difficult, the more platforms are in the play, so I’ll need to spend some more time thinking about that.
    Every user will at some point arrive at findbetterquestions.com. They’ll be given the opportunity to sign up. Next up is an empty …
  • We launched an explainer video on what Treck is and how to make the best of it
  • Just added sitewide SSL including SSL for the API.
  • Just completed a homepage refresh. You can see what it looked like before here: web.archive.org/web/20170516023853/http://designcrew.co/

    Lots of work! Slight change of direction for the brand, overall.

    Will be updating with new video(s), and a much anticipated update to the application. Stay tuned!
  • 🎊
  • Promo bot got a new website!
    Check it out - promo-bot.ml/
  • Had to create a 404 page for CEZAN. Lets hope you guys don't see this that often haha!
  • When I have a business name in mind, the US patent and trademark search is my go to place. Will be contacting my trademark lawyer on Monday for assistance.
  • When Product Hunt posted about Quick Code with a community of makers.
  • Landing page is almost done, needs some shadow improvements and more vertical rhythm.
  • Hey our app's on iOS with an android version coming soon. Give it a go and let us know what you think!
  • Sign up for beta here! Your feedback will be key in shaping the future of the app.

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Iframely provides a simple API to embed the webs best content on your site. They have given Publicly a free account, so we can embed your content.