Fred Rivett @ 🇰🇷
Fred Rivett @ 🇰🇷

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  • Late last night (South Korean time) we got our first paying customer for UserCompass! It actually came about through a Black Friday deal I spent time posting out a couple days back, offering 50% off for life.

    I primarily did the posting for SEO link juice as it was an easy way to get 6 links in under an hour, and one of those was from quite a solid domain too. But turns out the deal worked!

    Happy to finally move off the mark from zero, and super excited for the next few months. Thought I'd let y'all know :)
  • For the day to day inside view of what I get up to as we build UserCompass, my daily tweetlog is the best place to look.

    Here I share both what I got up to on UserCompass, as well as what my day looked like overall, so it should give a good inside view of what it looks like as an early stage bootstrapped startup.