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Ensure your product is heading in the right direction

Effortlessly send NPS surveys to your Stripe customers to capture actionable feedback with UserCompass. Simply connect your Stripe account and you’re done.

Now you know who your biggest fans are and what they love, who's struggling with your product and their most important frustrations and how your customer base as a whole views your product, so you can track your progress over time.

Stop shipping in the dark. Turn the light on with UserCompass.

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UserCompass Update

  • For the day to day inside view of what I get up to as we build UserCompass, my daily tweetlog is the best place to look.

    Here I share both what I got up to on UserCompass, as well as what my day looked like overall, so it should give a good inside view of what it looks like as an early stage bootstrapped startup.
    Posted by FredRivett

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