Mike Rubini
Mike Rubini

🇮🇹 🎷 Player. #Jazz Evangelist. Entrepreneur. Made t.co/QoQW0IpCJc, t.co/HqB2n6PoOu, t.co/mLipTMqxyD - Coder. Digital nomad.


  • Now you have a user profile section, where you can do administrative tasks like changing your account's password.
  • With Angage Retarget™, you can easily retarget people who bought from someone else's store.

    These are real, 100% verified buyers that we find with our proprietary technology. We profile thousands of buyers per day. In fact, we already profiled more than 75,000 buyers.
  • Video creation service for ecommerce

    We'll create a perfect video of the product you want to sell/dropship, branded with your logo, website and CTA, in less than 24 hours, for just 20$.
  • Formed a team to offer only already tested products for a premium price.
  • Do you want your competitors to be able to view your best selling products?
    If not, you need this solution to completely hide your best-selling products. Works on Shopify.
  • Now, for hot products we also show:

    - Suggested Targeting Information
    - Media like related youtube videos and targeting images
  • Announcing the Sales Map: it allows you to track sales as they happen globally, in real-time, across a network of 690+ stores, on a map!

    Thanks Alexander (@mcknco) for helping with the visualization! Try it at angage.net/sales-map
  • Almost ready w/ version 1
  • Now on our Pro plan, you can also see sales stats for sales we track across our network of stores. Stats are for either today or overall.

    - Products being sold the most (how many units, from which store, etc)
    - Stores that are selling the most
    - Most served countries
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