Rui Gomes
Rui Gomes

Software Engineer living in Portugal.


  • The nitty gritty about the first month building Feedbeaver ⚡️
  • Feedbeaver ❤️ Embedly - Leverage Messenger marketing directly in your Medium posts!
  • Got featured on BotList!
  • You can now fully configure all the automation settings of your Feedbeaver chat bot!
  • We've been featured on LaunchingNext :)
  • We just got featured on BetaList! If you want to help out, please upvote our submission, it would be great 🙌
  • 💯 New pricing calculator up on our landing page!
  • Realtime updates for the messages you send through your own Facebook Messenger bot 🤖📈
  • We launched our website redesign with a bunch of new features, including a live-preview message builder 🤖